Why is my Hair Thinning & What Can I do About it?

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Did you know that hair thinning is super common in women, not just men? At least 50%* of women will experience hair loss at some stage. While there are several causes of female hair loss, the good news is there are also plenty of remedies. 



#1 Hormones 

Hormonal imbalances through times such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause can cause disruptions in hair growth patterns. Estrogen encourages hair growth which is the cause of lustrous, thick pregnancy hair. As estrogen declines / testosterone rises, the hair growth slows and hair fall occurs as a result. The American Pregnancy Association acknowledges the common and excessive shedding of hair that occurs one to five months following pregnancy. This affects 40-50% of pregnant women with symptoms naturally subsiding post-pregnancy.

#2 Stress 

Acute hair loss may be induced by metabolic stress. Stress can essentially place hair follicles into a “resting” phase where new hair strands are not produced to replace those that are shed. During this time, hair can fall out when washing or even gently brushing. This is referred to as Telogen Effluvium. 

#3 Styling Habits 

Hair loss may also be encouraged by a number of environmental factors including tight pony tails which tug at the hairline, regular use of heated styling tools, chemical-based shampoos, colouring and treatments. These elements can weaken hair strands which may encourage hair fall, as well as compromising the quality of the hair which leads to moisture loss and hair breakage. 

Likewise, if chemical-based products cause inflammation of the scalp, this can compromise hair quality and growth, leading to weakened anchorage of the hair follicle. 



#1 Balance Hormones 

Estrogen increases the duration of the growth phase. Hair loss often occurs pre-menopause, when starting a new contraceptive, or for sufferers of PCOS as testosterone surges and estrogen declines. Hormonal treatment, or contraception revision may assist in reducing symptoms including hair loss. We recommend speaking to your doctor to discuss your options. 

#2 Boost Vitamin Intake 

While there are plenty of hair growth vitamins on the market, a lot can be achieved by increasing your intake of vitamins via your diet. One of the key indicators of hair loss is anemia or iron deficiency, therefore boosting your iron intake can be beneficial for preventing hair loss.  

Other elements which have shown to support healthy hair growth include increasing your protein and the all important antioxidants. A balanced diet full of vitamins D, C and Zinc will also encourage healthy hair growth. 

#3 Switch your Shampoo 

One of the fastest ways to regrow and strengthen your hair is to utilise products which are specifically designed to block DHT and anchor hair at the root.

These ingredients include: 

  • Sabal Extract blocks 5-alpha-reductase the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT which is responsible for premature hair loss.
  • Mulberry Root Extract has hair growth factors which positively effect the growth cycle.
  • Zinc Gluconate supports scalp and follicle health while reducing inflammation.

Formulated to nourish the scalp and minimise hair fall, the Neutriderm Hair Enhancer range combines the above ingredients for positive hair regrowth and a dramatic reduction in hair breakage. 

 *Australian Journal of Medical Practice - Female Pattern Hair Loss 


Are you ready to gain fuller, stronger, more luscious hair? Start by using the right ingredients to encourage optimal growth and hair strength.

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