5 Ways to Achieve Clearer Skin

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With more than 85% of women experiencing adult Acne, the quest for clear skin is high on the agenda for many beyond their teens. If breakouts and skin sensitivity has followed you into your 20s, 30s or 40s, these tips will help you achieve clearer skin, quickly.


Cleanse Twice Daily

Using a gentle cleanser to avoid reactivity, cleansing the skin twice per day is essential for establishing a healthy skin care regime. To ensure the balance of the skin is maintained, pH balanced cleansers are ideal. This will support the skin without disrupting the acid mantle or creating skin tightness post-cleanse.

Tip: Clear pores will not only appear smaller, they will also function better – effectively regulating the release of natural oils out and onto the surface of the skin for natural moisturisation.

Tackle Spots

A cleanser that relieves congestion and provides the skin with natural antibacterial support is essential for reducing breakouts. Whether your breakouts are caused by congestion or bacteria from touching your face, a dual action cleanser which alleviates pore congestion and bacteria is a must.

Tip: To address redness and swelling, colloidal oatmeal is a natural skin cleanser with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which relieve skin discomfort caused by Acne and contact irritation.


Dead skin cells build on the skin naturally. For make-up wearers especially, dry patches of dead cell matter may appear where the redundant skin cells have failed to detach from the surface of the skin. To ensure the skin can function optimally, and that make-up appears smooth and flawless, removing dead skin cells is essential. Removing dead skin cells can be achieved with exfoliating scrubs, professional treatments as well as retinol based creams.

Tip: Exfoliating products and treatments not only relieve congestion, they encourage cell turnover for dewy, younger looking skin.

Brighten Scarring

Dark circles and areas of pigmentation can appear for a number of reasons including hormonal changes, UV damage, as well as Acne scarring. Natural skin brighteners such as Vitamin C can work to break down pigmentation and relieve the skin from darkened areas.

Tip: In addition to brightening the skin, Vitamin C has shown to be a powerful skin healer, encouraging healthy clearer skin for those with active breakouts.

Prevent Further Pigmentation

UV exposure is responsible for skin darkening, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and the darkening of scars caused by Acne. When it comes to pigmentation, prevention is much more effective than any cure. It pays to be sun smart!

Tip: A daily sunscreen cream which contains biological, chemical and physical filters (such as Sunstop Sunscreen Cream) will provide the skin with the highest protection against symptoms caused by cellular damage. 

For a dual action Acne cleanser, Dermavive Acne & Sensitive Skin Cleansing Bar is a gentle, pH balanced, cleansing bar designed to reduce bacteria and soothe inflammation with the gentle effects of colloidal oatmeal.


Formulated for troublesome and sensitive skin, Dermavive Acne & Sensitive Skin Cleansing Bar is recommended for use twice per day to encourage cell turnover, for the removal of bacteria and skin healing.

Ready to tackle breakouts and sensitivity head on? Purchase your Dermavive Acne & Sensitive Skin Cleansing Bar here



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How to Avoid Dandruff in Winter

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Are you one of the 1 in 5 people who experience dandruff in winter? Ever wondered why it rears its head more so in the cooler months?

The combination of dry air and warm indoor conditions can often lead to dry scalp flaking. Combine this with excess oils and this can lead to dead cell build-up on the scalp. Enter Malassezia fungus. This is a healthy scalp fungus which feeds on this dead cell build-up. As the build-up increases, this can lead to a Malassezia fungal overgrowth commonly known as dandruff.

Step 1: Avoid Scalp Dryness

With dry skin cells being the precursor for dandruff, tackling flaking is essential. To reduce dead cell matter, shampooing the scalp regularly is essential. By creating a thick foamy lather, a thorough shampoo can effectively reduce flaking and remove redundant skin cells with just two washes per week. Look for natural cleansing ingredients rather than chemical based products which can lead to and exacerbate further dry scalp conditions.

Step 2: Reduce Excess Oil

An abundance of excess sebum on the scalp combined with dead cell matter is what causes dandruff to remain on the scalp. It essentially creates a glue-like texture which leads to clumping, discolouration and resistance to removal methods.

A pH balanced shampoo with a gentle yet effective natural formula can detach dead cell matter from the scalp. Ingredients such as Sodium PCA will target build up and dissolve the bond between dandruff and scalp without causing dryness and irritation.

Step 3: Tackle Malassezia Fungus

Malasezzia fungus must be treated at the source. The good news is this can be achieved with natural ingredients such as Climbazole. Climbazole is a natural anti-fungal agent which can be used daily without compromising the scalp or hair shaft.

Anti-fungals inhibit fungal cells from multiplying and prevents overgrowth from recurring when used as a maintenance treatment. Natural anti-fungal based shampoos are a gentle alternative to commercial chemical-based treatments.

Step 3: Nourish your Scalp

Once you have treated the problem at the source, it’s important to create the ideal environment for your hair and scalp to thrive. Ingredients such as Sodium PCA act as hydrating agents to replenish moisture and hydrate the deeper layers of the scalp. To encourage overall hair health, ingredients such as Hdyrolyzed Wheat Protein support hair strength and raise its ability to absorb and maintain moisture.

Containing a blend of Climbazole, Sodium PCA and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Neutriderm Anti Dandruff Shampoo naturally balances excess oils and removes dead cell matter from the scalp while relieving the scalp from Malassezia overgrowth - all while nourishing the scalp and hair with hydrating and strengthening ingredients. 


For effective treatment and maintenance of dandruff, Neutriderm Anti Dandruff Shampoo can be used as a twice weekly treatment for mild to moderate conditions and as a daily treatment for severe cases. The formula is designed to support scalp and hair health while revising dandruff causes and symptoms.

Ready to say goodbye to Dandruff for good? Purchase your Neutriderm Anti Dandruff Shampoo here



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5 Ways to Maintain Hair Volume

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Whether it be hormone or habit related, 1 in 3 women notice increased hair loss as they approach 30.

The good news is, maintaining hair volume is easy if you follow the below helpful tips.

Tip #1: Eat right

According to certified trichologist Michelle Blaisure, healthy fats are the dietary key to strong and healthy hair. “While genetics determines hair texture and curl, our diet plays a role in how genes can get expressed,” Blaisure says. Blaisure recommends healthy Omega 3’s found in salmon, nuts and avocados for thicker, stronger hair.

Tip #2: Limit use of heated styling tools

Heat is not your friend when it comes to hair volume. While a blow-out may make your hair appear more luscious, the heat itself can damage the cuticle of your hair and leave it vulnerable. Hair that has been compromised by excess heat is more likely to break and snap leaving your hair feeling thinner and less luscious. Keep it cool and save the blowout for special occasions.

Tip #3: Use a gentle styling brush

If you notice increased hair fall when you brush your hair, you might be using the wrong brush. A gentle wide tooth de-tangling brush is all you need to truly tame your tresses. Finer bristled round brushes have shown to be harsher on hair and encourage hair fall as a result. Be gentle and only brush when necessary.

Tip #4: Don’t over-wash your hair

Over-washing can strip the scalp of essential oils – the kind that create the perfect environment for hair to thrive. Support your scalp with a regular shampoo and conditioner routine every three to four days. Opt for a product that focuses on hair growth and volume with active ingredients that have a proven efficacy to maintain luscious locks.

Tip #5: Look for natural ingredients that boost hair growth

Hair industry statistics show that 52% of consumers prefer to buy natural or organic shampoo. Ingredients such as Sabal Extract have shown to have strong hair growth properties which not only encourage growth of new hair, but anchors existing hair at the root for reduced hair fall.

With its dermatologically approved formula, Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Shampoo contains a blend of Sabal Extract and coconut and wheat derivatives. This formulation has proven to effectively cleanse the hair, support hair growth and reduce hair breakage by 90%.


Developed for all hair types in both men and women, Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Shampoo effectively cleans hair while revising the condition of damaged, weak and fragile hair.  

Ready to experience your thickest and strongest hair yet? Purchase your Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Shampoo here.



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5 Myths to Avoid with Nappy Rash

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Did you know? 1 in 3 babies and toddlers experience nappy rash. It's a common yet commonly misunderstood area of infant health.

To help you ease your child's nappy rash woes, we have busted some popular nappy rash myths. 


MYTH #1: Buy bigger nappies to avoid friction

Buying a nappy that is too large for your baby with the hope of reducing friction won’t solve your nappy rash problems. Instead, you may risk leakage and discomfort as your baby experiences discomfort from the bulk of a bigger nappy.

Tip: Always look at the weight range of the nappy. As your baby reaches the higher end of the weight range, then is the time to explore a larger nappy. 


MYTH #2: Certain nappies cause nappy rash

While yes, the environment of a nappy can cause and exacerbate nappy rash, the materials themselves won’t be the leading cause. While it may be tempting to explore endless options and brands, most nappies are highly absorbent and made from minimally-irritating materials. If your baby is prone to nappy rash there are other ways to reduce its occurrence than switching brands. 

Tip: Offer your baby nappy free time whenever possible. Lay them on a towel and allow them to enjoy a break from wearing a nappy. This gives your baby’s skin time to heal without the moist environment of a nappy.


MYTH #3: Baby powder is a must

Baby powder has long been used to soak up excess moisture. While baby powder has had its own controversy, the formula has evolved over time. However, there are less messy, more conventional options on the market.

Tip: A barrier cream will prevent moisture build-up, while providing your baby’s skin with a protective layer from ammonia in urine and the bacteria in faeces. A thick nappy rash cream which contains anti-inflammatories such as colloidal oatmeal will also provide the skin with healing and soothing benefits. Use it at every nappy change to protect and heal inflamed skin.


MYTH #4: Cloth is best 

For the environment – yes! However, disposable nappies have come such a long way. There are plenty of organic, chemical-free options which are designed to provide your baby with the same support and comfort as cloth.  

Tip: If you are environmentally conscious, cloth nappies are a great alternative to disposable. They may not reduce the likelihood of nappy rash; however, they are much better for the environment and your wallet!


MYTH #5: All rashes are created equal

A nappy rash may appear due to a number of reasons, including friction, exposure to ammonia in urine as well as diet. Aside from infant thrush, a not so commonly known cause of a rash in the nappy region is hand, foot and mouth (HFM). While it presents on the hands, feet and mouth, it can also rear its head in the nappy area and be very uncomfortable.

Tip: If your baby presents with a persistent or blister-like rash see your doctor to explore the possibility of infant thrush or HFM.


Dermavive Nappy Rash Cream contains a range of natural ingredients designed to sooth inflammation caused by nappy rash. It also creates a barrier between the skin and the nappy to reduce exposure to ammonia and bacteria. This cream encourages healing, reduces inflammation and protects infant skin with a thick application.


Dermavive Nappy Rash Cream is a dermatologically endorsed pH balanced cream designed to protect against irritants, prevent moisture build up and calm irritated and inflamed skin.

Ready to say goodbye to red, inflamed skin and reduce nappy rash for good? Purchase your Dermavive Nappy Rash Cream here.



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Habits that Can Ruin your Skin

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Are you guilty of some potentially detrimental skin habits?

If you’re ticking off one of these skin care sins you’re not alone - approximately 46% of people surveyed are guilty of number 4! Can you relate?


1. Going to bed with your make-up on

We all have those nights where we drift off in front of the TV, but this one is an easily avoidable no-no. Make-up tends to coat the skin, with mineral make-up (especially) sitting within the pores and creating a gateway to congestion. If you suffer from oily skin, removing your make-up can reduce breakouts, skin dullness and unnecessary dead skin cell build-up.

Furthermore, Dermatologist, Dr Bhanusali, says that the since the skin naturally exfoliates itself as we rest, “makeup can disrupt the process, leading to pollutants being trapped in the skin.”

2. Washing your face with just water

Ironically washing with plain old H20 does not hydrate your skin. Shocking I know. It also sits high on the pH scale, which means it can disrupt the functioning of your skin. If the pH of your skin is raised it will further struggle to hold onto precious moisture and defend itself against nasties.

An easy way to solve this issue is to utilise a cleanser that is pH balanced. After-all cleansing your skin isn’t just about removing make-up, it’s a vital step in your skin care regime for replenishing and preparing the skin for further product absorption.

3. Forgetting to moisturise

Those who commit to a regular moisturising routine benefit from hydrated, softer and bouncier skin. Why? A good skin moisturiser which contains vital elements such as antioxidants and skin hydrators can lead to a healthier overall skin. The kind that defends itself against pollutants, drying environments and ageing elements such as the sun.

4. Skimping on sunscreen

This is a big one. In countries such as Australia, the sun is harsh. UV rays in particular are known to degrade the quality of the skin and lead to ageing characteristics such as freckling, pigmentation, sun spots and even skin cancers. By incorporating a daily SPF into your routine, year-round, you can minimise the damage and skin degradation caused by UV exposure.

And before you think your make-up has you covered, Licenced Aesthetician, Karen Fernandez warns, "The SPF levels and formulas in makeup are usually not adequate to be broad spectrum protection, which is the gold standard for anti-aging." So, always apply sunscreen under your makeup and as the final step in your skin care regime. 


For a moisturiser the whole family can use, Dermavive Moisturising Lotion provides hydration and skin nourishment with the added benefit of an all natural formulation. The inclusion of colloidal oatmeal encourages optimal skin functioning with anti-inflammatory and calming effects for all skin types.

Ready to experience your softest and smoothest skin ever? Purchase your Dermavive Moisturising Lotion here.



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A Morning Routine for Glowing Skin

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With 72% of women surveyed stating they longed for a natural glow (even more than the 64% wanting youthful skin) we know what women want. It’s all about gaining that healthy glow!

Here’s an easy to follow morning routine for a bright, glowing complexion – fast. 


Step 1: Cleanse

Start your day with a clean slate. We know that cleansing at night is important to remove the nasties your skin encounters during the day such as pollutants and bacteria, as well as make-up. However, a morning cleanse is just as important to remove dead skin cells while also preparing the skin for further products. Look for a cleanser that supports the acid mantle with a pH balanced formula. This is vital for maintaining hydration and avoiding that post-cleanse “dry and tight” feeling.

Step 2: Replenish

Look for antioxidant rich formulations that will supercharge the strength and defence mechanisms within the skin. Restore the skin with ingredients that hydrate and encourage optimal functioning. This is where your serums, creams and oils come into play. Not only do they nourish the skin for immediate hydration and plumpness, they give the skin an instant glow and added vitality.

Step 3: Brighten

This one is the big one. If your skin is looking dull, feeling dry, or lacking overall brightness, a brightening formula will encourage glowing skin like no other. For brightening dark circles, areas of pigmentation, and overall skin tone, natural brightening and exfoliating ingredients such as Retinol and Vitamin C, have shown to work their magic with a gentle yet effective skin renewal action. 

Step 4: Protect

This step is all about protection in the sake of prevention. To avoid further ageing or skin dullness protecting the skin against UV rays is paramount. By reducing the skin’s exposure to harmful UV rays you can encourage a youthful and glowing complexion. If you opt for a whitening cream in your morning routine, always be sure to follow up with an SPF application.



Neutriderm Brightening Bar is a natural brightening bar that regulates the build-up of dead cell matter and encourages a clear complexion. The naturally derived formula harnesses the brightening benefits of Vitamin C and Retinol for subtle and sensitivity-free results. 

By revitalising and renewing the skin's surface, Neutriderm Brightening Bar discourages skin darkening (such as dark circles) while encouraging an even skin tone and natural glow. Are you ready to get your glow on? This product is a must-have as part of your new beauty regime. Purchase yours here



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The Do's and Don'ts of Feminine Hygiene

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In the coming years, the use of feminine hygiene products is expected to increase by 50%. This is largely due to the abundant research encouraging women to take a tailored approach to feminine hygiene and health. 

Considering the vulva and vagina are vital for reproductive health and menstruation, combined with their susceptibility to irritation, it makes sense to provide this area of the body with adequate hygiene and product care.

Maintaining feminine hygiene is important to every woman. But do you know how to care for your intimate areas properly? If you have sensitivities to soaps, experience odours or itching, there are some simple ways to ensure optimal vaginal health. 



  • Wash Daily

We all feel better when we wash the day away, and for vaginal health it’s important to wash our intimate areas regularly. While the vagina is self-cleansing and a healthy discharge is normal, it’s important to wash post-exercise and post-intercourse to remove any harmful bacteria which may threaten to overthrow a healthy balance.

It's also important to only cleanse the outer region (vulva) to reduce further disturbance to the balance of good bacteria. 

  • Use a tailored pH balanced product

The health of the vagina relies on the perfect balance of pH and bacteria. If the pH balance of the vagina (4.5) and good bacteria is disturbed, this can lead to infection and inflammation otherwise known as thrush. pH balanced products will cleanse without disrupting the pH levels unlike soaps which can throw this balance off and cause ongoing symptoms and discomfort as well as stinging and sensitivity.

  • Prioritise menstrual hygiene

Practicing good menstrual hygiene encourages cleanliness and minimises menstrual odour. Using sanitary items which are non-irritating and chemical-free are not only more beneficial for the environment they are less harsh on intimate areas. Practicing effective menstrual hygiene has shown to lower the risk of reproductive and urinary tract infections. 



  • Use wipes and soaps

Wipes and soaps are known to contain astringent ingredients which remove moisture from the skin. This can lead to vaginal dryness and in some cases vaginal dermatitis. Symptoms include itching, dryness, swelling and redness. These products disrupt the pH of the vagina and can cause ongoing problems with continued use.

  • Use perfumed products

Masking an odour is simply a quick fix to a potentially serious problem. Perfumed products for your nether regions won’t treat the cause of the odour which must be addressed directly. In addition, they may cause irritation and stinging when applied directly to the skin leading to itching, redness, swelling and a rash.

  • Over wash

Over washing and vigorous cleansing techniques can disturb the balance of bacteria called lactobacilli. This bacteria keeps the vagina’s pH at a low level which protects it against the growth of harmful organisms.

If pH levels become acidic, infections such as bacterial vaginitis and thrush can occur as lactobacilli levels fall and other bacteria multiplies.


Dermavive Intimate Wash is designed to gently clean the genitals with a soap-free, pH balanced formula. It is formulated with natural cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing ingredients which provide optimal hydration for those suffering from vaginal dryness as well as natural odour diffusing ingredients. 


Dermavive Intimate Wash is a soap-free, pH balanced cleanser designed specifically for sensitive and delicate areas. With a sting-free formula, Dermavive Intimate Wash balances bacteria and encourages cleanliness without drying or causing sensitivities. 

Ready to relieve symptoms and encourage optimal vaginal health? Purchase your Dermavive Intimate Wash here.



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Handling Stress & Avoiding Hair Loss

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Has the stress of the past 12 months left you with visible symptoms such as hair loss? Dermatologists have sighted a 25% increase in hair loss concerns during recent times, with many of these cases linked to increased stress levels. 

While there are many ways we can decrease our stress levels, first, let’s look at why and how stress affects our hair growth.

How does stress affect hair growth?

There are three significant actions that occur within the human body that lead to hair loss – each which may be linked to and instigated by high stress hormones.

  • Telogen Effluvium refers to a stage of the hair cycle where high stress hormones encourage hairs to enter a resting phase. Hair may fall out drastically and in large quantities following a stressful event, illness or high fever. Interestingly, COVID-19 sufferers have reported drastic hair loss months after recovery most likely due to high fevers and stress on the body.
  • Trichotillomania refers to “hair pulling” where a person consistently and persistently pulls hair from the scalp or body to relieve stress.
  • Alopecia comes in many forms. The most common are thought to be caused by severe stress which causes the body’s immune system to attack hair follicles leaving them dormant.

The good news is, once stress is managed accurately and effectively, hair growth can return to normal in some cases. The accompaniment of a hair enhancing and growth regime can then further boost hair regrowth and quality.


Managing Stress

To ease tension, anxiety and reduce the harmful effects of stress hormones on the body, experts recommend a combination of the following:

1. Boost your immunity

Prioritise healthy eating and supplement intake. B complex vitamins in particular have shown to protect the body from environmental stressors.

2. Increase serotonin

Seratonin increases the feeling of calm within the body. There are some simple ways to boost serotonin such as having a cold shower, massage and exercise. Any sort of anaerobic exercise will release endorphins and serotonin within the body. To balance cortisol, exercise is the quickest way to boost your mood.

3. Take a break

If working from home has lead to working at all hours, find a way to take a break from your laptop and tuck or hide away your work space during out of office hours.

4. Decrease caffeine and stimulants

Caffeine increases heart rate and can encourage cortisol production. To reduce feelings of restlessness, sleeplessness and irritability, reduce caffeine intake. 


By focusing on reducing stress triggers and managing stress adequately, symptoms such as hair loss have shown to reduce.

To further encourage hair regrowth at the root, hair boosting lotions such as Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion have shown to encourage hair regrowth, thickness and vitality. The ingredients within Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion anchor hair at their root, encourage new hair growth and increase strength for those suffering from stress-induced and environmental hair loss conditions.


Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion is an Australian made hair growth and enhancement treatment. Harnessing the power of Sabal Extract and other natural hair boosting ingredients, Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion has shown to have powerful hair growth properties. 

Ready to achieve your best hair and undo damage caused by stress and hair loss? Purchase your Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Lotion here.



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Top 5 New Year (Skin) Resolutions

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Looking to make some New Year resolutions that you can stick to? When it comes to caring for your skin correctly, there are easy ways to enhance your skin care regime.

Here are our top 5 skin resolutions to guarantee your best skin in 2021! 

1. Go Chemical Free

The low-tox movement is gaining momentum, and we can see why. As families move towards a chemical-free, low toxin lifestyle, this also applies to skin care. By committing to a range of chemical-free products you can drastically reduce chemical exposure within your household.

We firmly believe that natural is always best. Natural ingredients are recognised by the body’s skin cells, and therefore generally cause fewer reactions and sensitivities in vulnerable and young skins. There is a feel-good element to gaining real results with real ingredients.

2. Support Australian Made

Australian made and owned products are important for so many reasons. Australian made supports the economy, local jobs and ensures availability and strict regulation of ingredients and the quality of products. Where you can, always support locally made skin care products.

3. Cleanse Daily

The party season may have thrown you out of routine. Get back on track by simply cleansing to remove make-up, sunscreen and the daily dirt your skin encounters each day. Cleanse with a pH balanced soap-free cleanser to support your skin and prepare it to readily absorb lotions and oils. 

4. Up Your Antioxidants

Up your antioxidants for skin that functions at its best. Ward off free radical attack from bacteria, UV rays and the environment by supporting your skin’s barrier. Antioxidants protect the skin and encourage a healthy, youthful appearance.

If you suffer with dry skin, redness or reactive skin, antioxidants such as Vitamin E can help relieve the itch and inflammation. Vitamin E products provide complete antioxidant support for skin that functions well and looks and feels youthful. 

5. Restore + Protect 

Once you’ve mastered your cleansing routine it’s important to restore moisture. Moisturising products that actively deliver water to skin cells will provide you with long lasting hydration. Hydrated skin functions at its best and better defends itself against dry skin symptoms. While you're there include a broad spectrum SPF in your routine to further ward off environmental damage and premature ageing caused by excess UV exposure. Make this part of your new morning ritual and achieve your best skin (naturally) in 2021. 


Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion is an Australian made antioxidant rich Vitamin E skin treatment. It has been formulated to provide effective hydration while increasing barrier defence, fighting the signs of ageing and protecting against the elements. It is a complete skin moisturiser for anyone seeking smooth, supple and youthful looking skin.

Ready to feel and look your best in the New Year? Purchase your Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion here.



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New Year, New Skin Regime?

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If your skin care products failed to get you great results last year, now is the time to start fresh.

Establishing a skin care regime that harnesses the power of natural ingredients that work to boost skin functioning for soft, youthful skin (all over) is easy. If you’re ready to overhaul your beauty cupboard here’s where to start.

  • Cleanse

The first step to any skin care routine is to cleanse. Cleansing with ingredients that support your skin rather than take away from it is vital. Look for cleansers that are pH balanced, paraben-free, and soap-free. These will cleanse without stripping essential oils or interfering with the natural balance of the skin.

  • Brighten

Do you even out your skin tone with make-up? What if you could wake-up with a smoother, brighter skin tone? It’s time to step away from your standard moisturiser. Brightening products which utilise natural ingredients can be highly beneficial for the skin. They are designed to even skin tone, lighten dark circles and imperfections for flawless skin - make-up free! 

  • Protect

Do you often leave home without SPF protection? The sun's UV rays can slowly degrade our skin especially during summer. UVA rays can penetrate windows and over time can encourage premature ageing. For this reason, sun protection is not only essential at this time of year, but year-round. Do your skin a favour and commit to utilising a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB (the primary sunburn ray) radiation every day.

  • Nourish

Look for products that contain ingredients that soothe and support harmony within the skin. Naturally derived anti-inflammatory skin soothing ingredients like colloidal oatmeal will support skin functioning, encourage moisture retention and fight off nasties that threaten the integrity of the skin. 

Dermavive Hydra Cleanser is a pH balanced colloidal oatmeal cleanser. It is designed to naturally cleanse skin without causing or exacerbating skin symptoms such as itching, redness or swelling caused by dry skin conditions and harsh environments. By supporting the skin barrier it helps the skin to maintain moisture in humid environments especially after long days in the sun. 

There's never been a better time to overhaul your skin care regime. If there's one product you switch this year, make it your cleanser - this one naturally supports the skin for hydrated, smooth and supple skin without the nasties. 


Harnessing the powerful benefits of colloidal oatmeal, Dermavive Hydra Cleanser has been formulated to provide gentle cleansing for sensitive skin types. It is a soap-free pH balanced skin cleanser for anyone seeking calm, soft and youthful looking skin with a non-drying cleanser. 

Ready to feel your softest and healthiest skin yet? Purchase your Dermavive Hydra Cleanser here



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