End Eczema Flare Ups

/ by Ismay Radisich

One of the most common skin concerns during winter is eczema. Eczema can cause a lot of frustration as it is both physically uncomfortable and hard to treat. While many resort to a steroid cream as prescribed by their physician, the good news is that there are plenty of natural products and remedies available to alleviate the symptoms associated with eczema. 

Why is eczema worse in winter? 

  • extra layers of clothes
  • indoor heating/ dry environments 
  • hot baths
  • cold winds 

To counteract these, we've listed a few ways to help you end your eczema frustration this winter. 

Dry Skin Cleansing Bar

Avoid Drying Soaps: A pH balanced cleansing bar (otherwise known as a soap-less soap) that contains nourishing, natural ingredients is ideal for eczema-prone skin. Opt for an oatmeal-based cleansing bar as it will work to retain the moisture within the skin, without stripping it of its precious natural oils like a soap can. The key to Dermavive Dry Skin Cleansing Bar's moisturising properties is in its ability to encourage intense, long-lasting hydration thanks to its colloidal oatmeal base.

Go Natural in the Home: Natural fibers such as bamboo and organic cotton will help you get through the winter spell when eczema wreaks havoc. This applies to how we wash our clothes as well. Avoid scented washing powders and fabric softeners, and fill your cupboards with products that are dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin types to help ease irritation. 

Soothe the Itch Topically: Eczema affects one in five children under the age of five. While we know that most children grow out of this, it isn't uncommon in adults. To minimise the need to scratch, for sufferers young and old, a rich soothing cream is a fast and effective way to ease the itch while allowing the inflamed area to heal. With a balanced blend of antioxidant enzymes which ease inflammation and lipids which enhance hydration, Dermavive Dry Skin Creme provides the skin with intense nourishment that only oatmeal can deliver to the skin. 

Turn Down the Temperature: While it can be tempting to run a hot bath after a day battling the elements, the heat is actually very drying, and can exacerbate eczema-prone skin. Likewise, internal heating will draw the moisture out of the air and encourage trans epidermal water loss. 

Dry Skin Creme

Colloidal oatmeal products have the unique ability to:

  • restore the physiological barrier of the skin by replenishing the skin's compromised water and lipid levels which in turn strengthens the skin's integrity. 
  • reduce the need for corticosteroid intervention by encouraging the skin to heal naturally with the support of antioxidant enzymes that the skin recognises and responds to. 
  • reduce and prevent cutaneous inflammation and irritation by delivering anti-inflammatory properties to the skin to provide instant relief from itching, redness and inflammation. 
Dermavive Dry Skin Creme for Mild to Moderate Dry & Itchy Skin is a superb creme to help fight eczema in your home this winter.

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Ismay Radisich

Written by Ismay Radisich