How Does Hand Sanitizer Keep your Hands Germ Free?

/ by Ismay Radisich

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With hand sanitizer now part of our daily hygiene regime, it's important to understand how these antibacterial gels are intended to be used and exactly how they keep us COVID-free. 


1. The formula 

Hand sanitizers must contain 60% alcohol in order to effectively kill viruses. Anything less than this may not be protective against highly transferable viruses such as COVID-19. Ethanol and Isopropanol are commonly used forms of alcohol which are effective antiseptics known to kill most germs in contact without causing serious harm to the skin. However, given the rise in hand sanitizer use in the current climate, drying can occur as a natural side-effect of excessive exposure to alcohol based products. Moisturising ingredients should be used in order to replenish hydration while maintaining pH balance for optimal barrier repair and defence. 

2. The method 

According to the WHO, in order for sanitizer gels to be effective in fighting germs, the gel must be rubbed in to the skin for 20-30 seconds in a thorough manner ensuring all surfaces have come into contact with the gel. 

It's also important to note that hand sanitizer does not remove physical debris and dirt from the skin and should therefore be used when hand washing is not an option. Hand sanitizer is however vital when touching high contact surfaces and objects when grocery shopping, getting petrol and visiting medical services. 

3. Ingredients to look for

  • Denatured Ethanol: A simple alcohol antiseptic which evaporates when applied to the skin
  • Aloe Barbadensis: Derived from the succulent, aloe vera plant, the gel of the plant is hydrating and naturally soothing. Aloe gel is typically used in topical medicines for atopics skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin, wounds and rashes
  • Water: Used to dilute the strength of cosmetic products and hand sanitizers and act as a wetting agent
  • Glycerine: A natural humectant utilised for its ability to draw water from the skin's deeper layers into the surface layer of the skin to support long lasting hydration
  • Triethanolamine: Balances the pH of the skin to regulate skin functioning and support barrier protection. Also aids in blending ingredients ensuring they spread smoothly onto the skin
  • Fragrance: While some hand sanitizers can have an unappealing odour which can deter use, a fragranced sanitizer can make your hand hygiene routine all the more enjoyable

Neutriderm Hand Sanitizer is created utilising a blend of the above ingredients with safety and skin health at the forefront. By providing the skin with a germ-fighting solution, the pleasant smelling product effectively eliminates 99.9% of germs from the skin while simultaneously relieving dry skin. To avoid the drying effects of alcohol based gels, Neutriderm Hand Sanitizer contains Aloe Barbadensis and Glycerine to counteract drying and encourage barrier repair. 

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Are you happy with your current hand sanitizer? Or has it caused drying and skin scaling? If you're looking for a santizer that is suitable for hands big and small, with the nourishing effects of Aloe Vera, you can purchase Neutriderm Hand Sanitizer here. 


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Ismay Radisich

Written by Ismay Radisich